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Originally Posted by mrphotoman View Post
Mostly old or morbidly obese people sweat over the low revs on the highway thing. They like to put put around 10mph below the speed limit everywhere on their 6500rpm rev limit grandpa bikes. Sounds boring as hell doesn't it.

I suppose it is one of those things to brag about like "i mow my lawn twice a week how many times a week do you mow yours" or "i remember back in 1947 we would walk 10 miles to school in the snow 14 feet deep and we liked it" or "Honey, we need to go on a diet, lets get a diet coke with our triple cheeseburgers with bacon and super size fries".
MOSTLY, THOSE PEOPLE don't ride at all and tell you stories about owning HDs in the old days AND how they quit because their best friends LAYED HER DOWN. But that is another thread, along with "I need a big bore kit for my ______ ." That is usually because they have become such a fat American that their bike has power/weight ratio problems.... that they caused. AND, they need that LIGHT MUFFLER
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