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Originally Posted by refokus View Post
^ Looks like you all had a great ride yesterday. Great photos and look forward to some of the new GoPro footage of this ride. The "Hill"......let's hear about it.
It looks like I finally solved the pointing straight down issue when filming but I think I'm going to get a backup battery because I always seem to run out of juice half way through the rides. Because of it and the fact that I can't edit big videos due to my puny PC I only take short snips at a time. So sometimes (a lot of times) I forget I'm not running film through some of those cool section.

Case in point, that hill. :( Ricardo went down and the bike launched about 10 feet away from him down the trail. It was a little scary to see. Also scary was running straight in here.

Also didn't capture that. More concerned were we with his foot being pinned under the bike while wearing non mx boots. I think Ricardo will go back to Bulldog Canyon now and see that as a piece of cake. I'm sure it's the toughest riding he's ever tackled and he was a trooper. One time on the sand wash he face planted face first into the sand. It was spectacular and funny as heck if it weren't for the fact that at that point we were starting to tire and just wanted to head out.

I've got a short clip following him in his struggles through some of the sand sections and this was the easy stuff.

I've got a few more picks and about 5 videos I'm currently uploading.
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