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Originally Posted by rivercreep View Post
I think the only place a "big bike" really shines, is on roads with heavy/fast (75mph+) traffic, and who wants to ride there?
Depends on what a "big bike" is for you. 100hp are just fine for speeds up to say 65mph. However, speeds of 65mph you easily reach where cages mostly go 25 to 40mph.
Sure, my big girl doesn't "shine" on such a road, but she can keep the pace as far as I'm willing to risk it. I can live with the fact that the 600ccm class (sports bikes and SuMos as well) does better there.
Where she shines are the fast sweepers at maybe 90 to 100mph where the cages mostly do up to 70mph.
When getting faster than that, a bike asks for at least 200hp.

I like to ride all of these roads, so to me my mid class powered VFR 1200 is a good compromise. But I'd surely like it if she revved 2000rpm higher and reached the 200hp mark - it would make her better on every of the above mentioned roads.
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