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Originally Posted by trc.rhubarb View Post
What's an offseason?

I find trail braking works really well for my Harley and use it to settle the bike since it has a mushy front end. Done correctly (I have my days) I can carry a lot higher corner speed without much drama than I can by just slowing some. Being in the bikes powerband seems a given to maintain the suspension load and prevent wallowing, as well as being able to fine tune speed and line corrections in the corner.

I've tuned in some overrun on the HD and the R90 is carbed so it has it naturally which let's me be a bit smoother when doing making throttle adjustments mid-corner. On the big BMW and Duc, they have no overrun and the throttle is much more sensitive to accidental closures. Luckily both of those bikes can corner faster than I can, so I just hang on if I'm in too hot but can lightly modulate with the rear brake.
You said "harley" and "corner speed" in the same paragraph
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