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Cool2 New Year's Eve at 4000m: La Paz, Bolivia

There is a strange custom in Bolivia of burying llama foetuses under a new house. You can buy these shrivelled up creatures in most markets.

Shriveled up and creepy...

Fluffy, but no less creepy

Our first day in La Paz was spent exploring the city, looking for GPSs, new motorcycle boots for Alan, shoes for Josh (he'd somehow lost his previous pair in a hostel in Cusco), and checking out the witches' market. We didn't end up buying any GPSs, boots or shoes, but we did explore the extensive markets packed into thin steep streets, and see the potions and ingredients for sale in the witches market, among all the tourist tat that was also for sale.

We ran into Jacquie, a Canadian girl we'd met in Cusco, and she joined our group for the rest of our stay in La Paz.

A Northern Canadian and two Canadians. Jordon, Jacquie and I

Alan, Josh and I enjoy the bar at the Wild Rover hostel

New Year's Eve was really fun, the Alaskans and Alan really know how to party. It's difficult to believe that Alan is 64 years old. He acts as though he's in his 20s and tells hilarious stories and jokes that many people would find too raunchy. A true Australian bloke, he's macho and opinionated, and I got on with him really well. His trip report is a series of emails to his friends and family, and they make me laugh until I cry. Unfortunately for you all, they are not available on the internet. Hopefully he'll write a book.

Alan and I on NYE

Our hotel was across the road from the Wild Rover hostel, who threw a Black and White Masked ball for New Year's Eve. It was great fun, even if none of us had masks!

No mask, but Josh had a stellar white furry hat.

Ryan and I

Jordon with Jacquie and her friend (with masks)

New Years day I was feeling quite fragile, and some of the boys decided to go ride the Death Road. Also known as the most dangerous road in the world, I decided to opt out. Jordon also wasn't feeling up to it, so he, Jacquie and I stayed behind.

The boys came back jubilant, having really enjoyed the death road (only one of them dropped their bike, and not over the cliff).

All the bikes lined up ready to go

That done, it was time to move on. The next day we packed up and headed South.
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