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Well, this one time I went out to a motorcycle ranch for a little ride. It was club only, but this time they were having an "open ride" day, probably to get some members registered. I was a scrawny 13 year old, weighing in at 115lbs. I was using my father's 2007 CRF230L. Street legal dual sport, 267lbs and another important detail I'll get to later. So, we had a Poker run, and did an escargot. But that little Adventurer in me decided that watching bikes ride around in circles just didn't seem like fun.

I went off on my own, no cell, no nothing. Eventually, I got stuck in some mud. Now, these we some pretty crappy tires, the had some knobs, but weren't very dirt ready. Basically they turned to slicks in that mud. I eventually got them out. At this point, I didn't want to turn around. I pushed through until I got to a hill climb. I had to get up there anyway, so I double back a bit, and pinned in. I eventually ran out of horsepower and came crashing down. Bike stayed up there. I pulled it down, which took a lot out of me. I eventually got it lifted up. Hit the starter, and, nothing. I wasn't really worried up until right then. Because up until here, I was only limited by myself. But a dead battery(we eventually learned a few months later that the battery was fine, but the rectifier had always been bad)? Yeah, now I'm fucked. I found some nice Trials riders who help me get someone to pull my bike out. All's well that ends well.

Now, this is a typical lesson about a 13 year old going out on his own and fucking up. Lessons learned:
-Don't go out on your own(I sometimes break this)
-Keep a cell on you(I always keep my cell in a dry bag in my pack, worse case I try to get to higher ground to get a signal)
-Kickstarts are good(I now ride a 2002 KTM 125sx, kickstart only)
2002 KTM 125sx:
Acerbis Uniko handguards, KTM Powerparts skidplate, FMF Shorty Exhuast, FMF Fatty Expansion Chamber, Renthal Sprockets, Renthal Chain, Pirelli Hard Terrain tires, SDG Seat, Acerbis and UFO plastic.
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