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Originally Posted by Roland3 View Post
yes it does, and i did that before i bought the bike to check if it was stolen or had a lien, all it says is titled issued in 1999, a investigator ran the vin for me and said it came up nothing, never registered or anything,so im wondering if vermont knows it was a titled vehicle by checing ny laws or if they see the same thing i do? because their website says 15 years or older no title is issued.

how does this info help them speed anything up?
Don't know man, just thinking out loud. Bureaucrats just need something official looking 99% of the time. I figured maybe if they saw your VIN and accessed the NY info, they'd see no bad hits on it and that would speed it up (No VIN Verification.

I was under the impression the DMV has more information than the public. There's gotta be some interstate system they use to check vehicle status.
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