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The same ones that order a banana split with all the toppings at a frozen yogurt store because they are trying to eat healthy lol. Well this here yogurt banana split only has 600 calories of fat and 1600 calories total an a regular one has 900 calories of fat and 2100 calories. Between that and my cutting down to 6 strips of bacon with my biscuits and gravy breakfast and deep fried fish sticks for a snack and triple bacon cheeseburger and diet coke I can feel the pounds melting away. I will be back to my slim fighting weight of 425lbs before you know it! My 35hp 2100cc harley feels faster than ever now between the weight loss and the screaming fire eagle american flame thrower supercharged air filter that I got on sale for $450. It says here made in china but it has that harley logo on it so it must really be american made, yeee haw! Whew, I need to sit down, that walk from the couch to the kitchen to grab a fried bologna sandwich broke me out in a sweat and has me breathing hard.
Gee. Guess I'm doing it wrong. I'm 71, and only weigh 190.

And I don't ride a cruiser.

Growing old doesn't necessarily mean growing up........
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