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Originally Posted by mrphotoman View Post
Mostly old or morbidly obese people sweat over the low revs on the highway thing. They like to put put around 10mph below the speed limit everywhere on their 6500rpm rev limit grandpa bikes. Sounds boring as hell doesn't it.

I suppose it is one of those things to brag about like "i mow my lawn twice a week how many times a week do you mow yours" or "i remember back in 1947 we would walk 10 miles to school in the snow 14 feet deep and we liked it" or "Honey, we need to go on a diet, lets get a diet coke with our triple cheeseburgers with bacon and super size fries".
'Cut and paste' from a forum discussion fitting a 15T front sprocket to an FZ6

Technical word of advice.....dont drop your front sprocket.

Raise your back. By putting a smaller front sprocket on there, you're forceing the chain into a tighter turn on the front end, which ultimately wears out your chain faster. It's worth more to invest in a lighter rear sprocket with an *extra* tooth. You're after the loss of unsprung weight and a greater difference between front and rear teeth. Get a lighter back one (you'll lose more weight, I promise) and get that same power turn. Still not enough?....THEN drop the front as well, but be prepared for a 25% speedo'll need a yellowbox or a speedohealer.

But yeah...dont buy into the "drop the front" hype until you understand why, and what the advantages/reprecussions are.
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