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Originally Posted by Thanantos View Post
I'm trying to find a safe, comfortable medium between MSF's "Never Touch The Brakes In A Corner Or God Will Kill Puppies!" and Keith's "Never Touch The Rear Brake Ever, Use The Engine!"

MSF's approach is the right one for n00b's and Keith's is probably right for track racers. I'm neither. I'm just a guy who likes to ride hard as safely as possible.
Never touch the brakes in a corner may be an ok ideal in a world comprising straights and hard right angle corners. But what about a steep fast snaking downhill twistie with hardly a straight bit of road in it. The only way to not have the brakes on going into a corner under these conditions would be to ride quite slowly.

I must admit I haven't given any conscious though to the back brake which I'm not heavy on at anytime. I'm assuming not touching the back brake is because of the combined effect of weight transfer forward and engine braking which could cause the back to loose traction. But I've never experienced this problem myself.
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