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Originally Posted by NJ-Brett View Post
Am I the only one who enjoys abusing smaller bikes (less power) then loafing along on a bigger bike most of the time?

I get to hit the power peak in every gear, speed shift, tuck in, brake late and hard, and go full throttle out of turns ALL THE TIME.

If I had a bike that broke the speed limit in 1st or 2nd, I would just get locked up!

I am the guy who could not resist lofting the front wheel at 80 mph.
In fact there are many guys talking like you. While the "I'd get locked up" thing is an argument, I always wonder why it might be fun to turn the throttle and... nothing happens.
I hit peak power in every gear as well, ok, I don't always use the highest two or three gears, but why should one have to? Braking late and hard can be done with every bike, in fact with the faster ones even more and full throttle out of every turn is possible as well, just a bit later when the bike's a bit straighter. In addition, the big bike - at least in my case - is more comfortable.
Only the wheely thing - in my experience it's easier to wheely the smaller bikes.

So for the fun of it, not for the legality of it, I don't understand why it should be better to do all of this with a small bike instead of a big one.
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