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Originally Posted by sandsman View Post
...even though I got a warning the other day, 75 in a 70....
Are you serious?? For 5 over at freeway speeds?? When I lived in Atlanta, 10 over meant you're the slowest guy on the road, until rush hour when everybody stops.

I've used radar detectors, but not in a long time. I've gone through radar traps doing 10-11 over, and nothing. I expect out here in the desert, they're waiting for a bigger fish to fry. So daily driving, I try to keep it to a safe speed, which usually means there is someone else going faster than me (decoy).

When I'm travelling longer distances, I hang out at around 10 over, until somebody passes me going faster. Then I'll put about 1/4 mile between us, and pick it up to their pace, while watching ahead for brake lights. It's a pretty common effect that even people driving slower than the speed limit will hit their brakes when they see a police car.

I've had 2 speeding tickets in the last 7-8 years, and both were caused my inattention on my part. I wasn't paying attention to the speed limit or to how fast I was driving, and didn't even realize I was speeding.
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