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Things i learned (mostly the hard way) in my first 5 years

Things i learned (mostly the hard way) in my first 5 years of riding.

ATGATT ( all the gear, all the time) because its not IF you crash, Its When you crash! At least when you ride in the dirt.

If you are headed to the dirt, Have good tires. Period. 90% street 10% dirt tires, are useless for the places you really want to go. Once the front end looses traction, you crash. Its cheaper to wear out some good tires, than it is to replace that plastic you just broke.

Air down your tires when riding the dirt. This will add traction, and confidence. But remember to air back up when you hit the black top again. I carry a small 12v air compressor

Set up your suspension properly. Most adventure bikes have an adjustment to set up rear suspension height. Its amazing how much a rear suspension adjustment will have on the handling and feel of the bike.

Cagers don't see bikes, they will look directly at a bike, and not see it. This is especially true at night. Bikes with only one headlight are hard to see, when surrounded by all the other lights in the city.
Add an aux headlight. use it as a daytime running light. It will help you be seen.

Always assume that you are not seen by cars. Stay out of blind spots. Leave yourself an exit strategy in every situation.
Don't be afraid to flash your brights at people that you suspect don't see you. This will grab their attention.
Also, flash your brake light a couple of times when you are compression braking, in order to grab the attention of the people behind you.

When riding solo, Ride near the center line. This is the best place to be seen by other traffic.

slow down for blind corners. They often hide pot holes, ruts, or some other obstacle that you wouldn't want to hit.
Only ride at a rate speed that you can stop in time to avoid a collision.

Don't listen to your iPod when driving. It will distract you. When you ride on dirt, or surrounded by cars, You have a lot of things to pay attention to already, You don't need music to distract you further.

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