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Originally Posted by Skyshadow View Post
I like a new bike when it is new and unlikely to fail......when the miles add up, and the seasons pass, moisture gets in, and the new becomes old, things start to break......I would not want to own an old newer mfg bike because I cannot afford to fix it, nor can I fix it myself.

Old bikes like my r80g/s are aging old tech that can be fixed with tools available at any hardware store. Sure, it'll break, I do have some money fixing the stuff the POs neglected, but now it is relatively reliable.

So yeah....if I can have a new bike I'll take it but the old bike will last longer.
I have 125K miles on my 05 R1200GS and it is going strong. No reason to believe it will not continue to do so.

Few 70's Hondas can even approach that without extensive repairs and maintenance.
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