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A few years ago I got into about the worst trouble I have been in on a bike.

1st mistake: For some reason or another I got pissed at the people I was riding with and took off on my on.

2nd mistake: left insulation and waterproof jacket layer at camp.

3rd mistake: did a shit job of chain adjustment before the ride because everyone was waiting on me to start. Chain of course popped off, had no proper tools with me. Lucky to be able to pop it back on.

4th mistake: I only had an iPhone for a gps and didn't pre-load the maps for the area I was in. GPS on the iPhone also drains the battery quicker than anything. I had a charging cable but if my bike would of died I would of had no way to charge the phone.

5th mistake: instead of turning around when the trail I was riding evaporated I just kept going. Got turned around, fell a few times and could not find my way back to the trail. Of course I never put any waypoints in my GPS, so I was pretty much blind.

I eventually found a creek and followed that till it hit a road. At that point I was soaking wet and exhausted, the temp was dropping and hyperthermia was starting to set in. I got the bike back to camp just as everyone else was leaving and luckily got a ride in a truck. There is no way I could of ridden home safely in that state.

Watching the video now I made some pretty bad riding decisions on top of all that other stuff. Trying to stop mid-hill to disable ABS leading to a tip over, trying to get on the bike from the downhill side, trying to go off trail and bushwhack on a 650 in the 1st place.

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