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Originally Posted by orangebear View Post
i keep my head light turned off in good weather so that if i go over a bump a car driver wont think i have flashed him and pull out in front off me.
Yes, I agree. I also do not wear a seat belt in the car so I can be thrown clear in case of an accident or if my car flies off the road into a canal I can swim to safety. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I hope your lighting tactics work for you but I'm not sure the lack of lighting is a good thing when the intersection does not have a bump.

Seriously, anything that increases our visibility to other motorists is a good thing and studies document this. Lighting, clothing and helmet color all are factors.

Still, if you hold up a pencil at arm's length it's width completely blocks from view a head-on motorcycle just 60 feet away. It is incumbent on us to chose positions of relative safety in traffic and expect the worst and act accordingly.
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