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On leaving Afourer, and our 'treat' hotel Tazerkounte,

we headed south into the mountains towards Azilal,

below, some local lads on the way to work

an artificial lake, caused by a dam on the way

more Grand biking roads

on the way towards the surprise Ba had in store for me...

... The Cascades d'Azoud ,

I had not heard of it, but since it was on our way,

sure it wouldn't be polite to pass it by, lol

ya got to be there :-)

Lunch stop first !

Then tourist sight seeing...

================================================== =====

If we had lots of time, we would have loved to stay in the hills and made for Demnat,

but we didn't, so after a (hot) magic visit to the waterfalls, we rode back to the main road, the N8, towards Marrakech.

Have to say, that section of road was sh!te.
(I mean that part of the N8 towards Marrakech)

Well it was late, and we were breaking the rules, ie., nowhere to stay and it was getting dark... ...


...well we thought, ahh sure Marrakech isn't that far from here, is it ?
emm is it?

Stop at a crappy petrol station on the roadside?
or just keep riding and see what happens,

and arrive late at night in Marrakech and take our chances?

"What can possibly go wrong?"

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