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Ok, I can relate to a point. Three bikes, 2004 R1150RS, 1984 R 80 G/S and 2003 DRZ400S

Of course the RRS is for comfortable street, back roads and interstate.

The R80 G/S, is for secondary roads, fire roads, and a little more challenging. Yeah it's an older bike, but does require some tinkering, but I prefer it more than ANY GS made in the last 20 years. It'll do anything they will do, maybe not the long interstate runs in comfort, but that's what the RRS is for. Plus it is a WAY better choice for traveling off the beaten path, it takes a beating better than and oilhead/ water head ever could, plus less expensive things to fix too!!! If it needs repair off the beaten path it is more likely to be fixed will more readily available parts.....not necessarily BMW dealer supplied either.

of course if needing to get into more serious trails the DRZ is up for the task.

For me the three bikes overlap abilities--

The R1150RS, interstates and secondary roads
The R80G/S interstate ( not much), secondary roads, and moderate trail and some single track
The DRZ, does interstate (very limited), secondary, moderate trails and single track.

If I had to limit myself to one bike...God would be the old reliable R80G/S, which does more than the other two.

Newer GS oil or water head..NO WAY..I'll take the Airhead any day!! It'll still be going when the water heads are being parted out for scrap...
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