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Originally Posted by erkmania View Post
About what exactly?

1) Shallow pond? (me about you);
2) Hypocrisy? (me questioning you);
3) Politeness? (me about...well, me);
4) "In seconds the sides will be scrubbed in." (joexr). The number of seconds on new tires?; or
5) "Unless you start from a dead stop while leaned over , with the speed a tire rotates , you can throw it over as fast as you want to to full lean and and it's STILL basically gradual as far as contact patch goes. " (joexr). How fast you can throw a bike onto its side without problem on new tires?

Are you too weak to do your own legwork?

There are so many things to pick from that you left me confused about what you are trying to say, AGAIN.

Lastly, I recommend that you and I take this down to JoMamma and have a field day because I truly believe some folks really want to know about the "myth of scrubbing" and I have no desire to interfere with them.

Take a hint, Joe.
Or at a minimum, take it to PM.

Please use the ignore feature and move on.

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