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Question why light activated

Originally Posted by Vulfy View Post
The timer itself is pretty accurate, and holds a lot of laps to scroll through. However the triggering system is a bit cumbersome to set-up and sometimes doesn't pick up the signal, or can pick up some other infrared light source and start/stop your timer in the middle of the lap. I found it works for me about 90% of the time, and when it doesn't, it usually just needs a readjusting on the bike, or old batteries in the beacons.

As far as using this timer for GP8, yes, you need two beacons, set up on both sides of the start/finish line.

Those beacons are nothing more but an infrared light bulb. You can probably just get it at Radio Shack and strap it to a battery.
Why not use something like this, so nothing has to be mounted to the bike?
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