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Originally Posted by TooFast View Post
With the financial hard times Suzuki has gone thru the last few years, I wonder why they are spending the money developing a MGP bike. It's not like what you race on Sunday, you sell on Monday anymore.

I just don't see much return on that if they had developed a 6 speed, light weight, durable off road bike with great suspension and price point, they might be selling lots of them, making a big dent in the orange bikes sales. Beta and Sherco in the meantime have gone to that niche market which seems to be the market with future potential.

Why not just watch others develop new technology and then apply it to your own products like so many others do.
Because the Asian market is mad about MGP. Even if they're just straddling 125s and scooters, they want to see their tank badge on race day. In that context they do see on Monday what races on Sunday.

And they don't want to be ranked behind Mahindra.

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