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Timely subject for me. I pulled out my old album from a trip I took in 1975, the first trip I took with a camera.
The camera is a box Brownie Kodak that my mother got upon graduating High School. It uses 128 roll film. You have to pull a bit of the film and start it on another roller to load. To take a picture you open the veiw finder on top and look down to line up with the subject.
Anyway the ride I took was nearly 6 weeks and a little over 8000 miles. My bike was a new 1975 Kawasaki 900 Z-1.
I went west to Texas, crossed into Juarez , Mexico pretty much by mistake and was glad to get out, only to have the US border guard make me strip everything off the bike, then act discusted when there was nothing to bust me for.
I rode around New Mexico into Arizona and hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with a girl I met from Florida. I turned east and spent a couple of weeks in Colorado. When my money ran out I rode straight home 1200 miles. I made it to Louisville, out of gas and money and was able to swap my flashlight for a dollars worth of gas to get home on,on fumes.
The whole time, I had no trouble from the bike. I changed the oil a couple of time and put gas in. That was it.
Two years later I rode it to California and back , another 8000+ miles.
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