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I'll take the old

Every bike I currently own is air cooled and carbureted. I had a V-Strom that I absolutely loved while I was riding but the maintenance to me, coming from a vintage bike background, was a nightmare. Air filter cleaning/replacement was a two hour job, replacing spark plugs required about half a day, taking the front wheel off required a special tool, I wasn't used to having a radiator so having to deal with changing coolant was a whole new chore and something I didn't want to mess with, etc.
So in my case and from my background motorcycle "technology" was a pretty negative term. It meant that every chore that generally took a few minutes was now a few hours. I didn't have to do these maintenance chores as often with the Strom but when I did it was a real burden and something that I didn't look forward to which meant the job may or may not have gotten done on its scheduled maintenance time.
I have never been stranded with any of my old tech. That doesn't mean I haven't had issues but it was always something I could fix in the field or at least limp somewhere to get the problem fixed properly. I can see the advantages to new technology in motorcycles but for me it just isn't worth the hassle with the very little amount of trouble my old school bikes have given me. Your experience may vary and to each his own.
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