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Had opportunity to win tickets at Rivercity Beemer club party and saw the flick last month... Yes to many of the above comments about not being how I would have shot it, but, given they had to stick to a budget, they did quite a variety without leaving CA.

I was, at the time, on a photo shoot for the BLM near Barstow at El Mirage Dry Lake and started recognizing scenery in the film. Contacted the producers and, indeed, they shot at El Mirage Dry Lake, including most of the TRAILER! \\

To me the film rates right up there in the category of "no bad sex" and is certain to bring many new families and riders into the fold... much needed in this industry/sport.

If you ever bet the chance to fisit El Mirage Dry Lake, or many of the other CA OHV parks, you will see HUNDREDS of peeps out for the weekend camping with 2,2 and 4-wheel enthusiasts from age 4-90... The little ones are the greatest fun... I met families where Mom, Uncle and two sons were allsuited up in all the gear and taking the woops at full tile... Some families had toddlers and had set up a perimeter of safety cones to manage some traffic control and let the kids learn to ride in a great environment...

Kodos to the producers for getting a couple hours of motorcycle adrenaline on the screen for the American viewing public!
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