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Originally Posted by rivercreep View Post the fun of riding a small bike! (manageable and recoverable)
On a fast bike it's manageable and recoverable as well, maybe more so because of said better parts you often get. The good thing about big bikes is, they offer additional, less dangerous ways to have fun.

Originally Posted by Vertical C View Post
Full acceleration on a 200hp bike will loop it, unless you have TCS and then its not full acceleration. Big bikes can't be ridden properly.
The S1000 and Pani only in 1st gear, the ZZR-1400 and the Hayabusa won't flip. What you call "not full acceleration" is much more than the small bikes are able to do at all. What a twisted definition of "ride properly" do you have? Every bike can be ridden properly.

Originally Posted by Vertical C View Post
Never got both wheels sliding, on modern road tyres I am not sure it is possible on bitumen.
Was a damp November morning and I was late for school.
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