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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
A new Honda CB500 costs about the same (in constant dollars) and is vastly better in every functional way. The good old days weren't that good.

- Mark
Buy a UJM for maybe about $1000, (give or take $800) spend another $1000 getting it in safe reliable condition, then maybe $200 a year for oil changes, tires and such.

Pretty darned inexpensive for a motorcycle.

They are not vastly better. Quite a bit faster, better brakes, some have nicer suspension, some don't. Maybe ABS. Some newer bikes are lighter, but a lot of them are not. The suspension and brakes can be upgraded on the old bikes, quit inexpensively. Newer bikes require less maintenance, but they are not more reliable. (unless you choose not to do the required maintenance)
One day a year is enough to do everything an old bike needs. Maybe twice a year if you ride a lot.
Not much more than what a new bike needs really.

New bikes are fine, I have a few, a KTM, a BMW and a Suzuki. I ride the old ones more often.
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