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One of my closest calls was my fault for doing something stupid. Here goes....

About 15 summers ago I was riding a very narrow and twisty road with few turnouts.

I came around a corner to find a very slow moving vehicle in front of me. I mean this car was crawling up the hill. I followed him for minutes hoping he'd pull to the right so I could pass my impatience and anger grew, I saw a spot where I could see ahead a couple of curves, and went for a pass.

All of a sudden there was a sedan directly in front of me. He was coming the other way quite fast and I simply did not see him when I initiated my pass.

A split second before a head on collision I swerved and went between the vehicles. There must have been microns of space between us on both sides...

I pulled over, shaking with anger at my own stupidity and impatience. I vowed to never let my emotions get out of control when riding again. I've kept that vow, and now have about 265K crash free miles under my belt.

The second came last week. I was at a red light at a four way intersection. Since the view to the left was obstructed, when my light turned green, I waited about 3 seconds before going, despite the fact the guy behind me started blowing his horn.

It's a good thing I waited. A minivan driven by a woman on a cell phone blew through the intersection at about 60 mph. Had I gone when the light turned, you wouldn't be reading this boring story, as I'd be dead.
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