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Last year, I took a DS ride with a very experienced off-road rider. After a pretty rough stretch of dirt, rocks, streams and ruts, the guy asked me what I thought of my GSA. His expression made it clear he thought I would hate my bike at that point.

"I love it!!!" He looked baffled. How could I love a 600 pound beast for riding those kinds of roads?

It is simple. I don't own the bike to ride that kind of road. I own it to ride twisties, super slab, commuting, in-town, highways and everything else 12 months of the year. I ride when it is cold, hot, wet and anything short of snow and ice. My GSA is VERY comfortable in all those conditions but I can still take it off-road if the mood strikes me. Yes, it is hard work and there are better bikes off road, but there isn't one that is better on road that still allows me to push the limits when I feel like it.

So for me, I will take the big and heavy bike because my priorities are not the few times I get a wild hair to go off road. I still want to ride off road every now and then and the GSA will do it but is far more comfortable the rest of the time than a light bike.
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