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Last year a deer decided to take me out in the Michaux state forest in PA.
Result - Broken collar bone, bruised lungs, busted 4 ribs, broken scapula, concussion - blah blah blah. There was no way I was picking my 520Lb GSW up.
Pulled out the trusty iPhone, had 2 bars of signal. Whew. Called 911, told the nice lady on the phone that there was no way in hell I was able to ride out, and that I needed help. 35 Mins later the rescue squad showed up. Lessons learned:
1: Stay calm. Stop. Breathe. Think. Act. In that order. Wise words from my old scuba instructor who was an ex navy seal.
2: Malke sure that your cell phone is charged, and you have a way to call for help. 35 Mins was a long time to wait for help, but I was able to get help. It would have been a long ass, painful walk out.
3: Carry water. I had my camelback.
4: If you're going off road - ride with someone. Dont go alone. Its not worth it.
5: Wear your F"n gear. My helmet saved my life, and my gear saved my skin and ass.
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