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I've not been stranded by any motorcycle (yet?).
I've been left stranded by a Euro-sedan whose fuel pump melted (alcohol in the fuel said the Dealer - try to avoid it. yeah, right.). Said fuel pump is not accessible easily for repair. So it had to be towed.

My old Jeep was a nightmare of vacuum lines and carbureted but I could fix it roadside or mountainside. A fuel pump swap was $30/30 minutes/2 hose clamps/2 1/2 in bolts.

Nowadays I tend to just count the connectors. More connectors = more trouble in the long run because of more complexity.

Carbs are never optimum. But when they fail, they can still be persuaded to work. Compare to ECU controlled, O2 sensor feedback, high pressure fuel pumped electric injection. Runs great when new. not so good later with corroded connectors or poor power...

(I'm a manufacturing EE now working as a Reliability Engineer. Connectors are the most evil electrical component. Fewer is better.)

Oh - and don't forget that new bikes have UNDISCOVERED issues lurking. I really hate blazing THOSE trails.....

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