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Originally Posted by Timbatrader View Post
I have both an R1150RT and a R100GSPD Iíve had the RT from new and have abandoned it in favor of the GS not sure whether it is an old verses new thing or just that BMW have lost their way. The engineers no longer run the place instead Accountants Marketing gurus and stylist make the calls.
Issues that lead me to this conclusion.
Without a fully charged battery that is less than a year old the bike wonít start
It is not possible to get to the battery to charge it, change or jump-start it, without removing all fairings fuel tank etc.
If you leave the bike without using it and without connecting to a battery charger for more than a couple of weeks you are up for a strip down again it doesnít seem possible to disconnect the battery when not using it and that little clock must use a hell of a lot of juice.
Another problem was on the 1150RTís they had power assisted ABS brakes they gave me heaps of problems while under warranty which they fixed OK but after the warranty finshed the quoted price to fix was more than the bike is worth so thatís why I am now riding an old R100 it might breakdown more often but when it does I can see what the problem is and generally any small town mechanic can get me going again
Kind of like hubris. The notion that a new bike is so well designed that it can't break down on a long trip. This may have been BMW's stock in trade from way back though, the early BMW tourers were often the choice of long distant riders who were counting on the most reliable machine available. I think we choose a path in our motorcycle careers, whether to survive through best information and money or familiarity and mechanical experience. I went to a BMW riders' breakfast a few years ago, and was surrounded by a personable group of dedicated riders on exquisite machines who were taken aback by the comprehensive tool kit they saw when I opened the seat of my bike to show the engine layout. It must be true that on some modern bikes every detail is so well worked out that the bike will run flawlessly till the next appt with the shop. Hard to imagine. A recent roadside repair for me was a wire that broke off a 47 year old condensor. A few years before that a 17 year old retrofit electronic ignition module went bad and I switched back to the old points system. A main jet retainer that had become slightly misaligned and stopped the bike completely had me searching for over an hour. A loose ground wire, well that's pretty easy! Stuff like that crops up now and then. To me these things don't indicate an unreliable or poorly designed bike, but to someone who can't figure them out, that is the end of the day's ride.
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