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Some will dispute this, but miles per issue fuel injection is miles above carbs for lack of issues.

I am not saying easier to fix on the road, just pure reliability. Performance is just a bonus.

There are a lot of people tossing out miles, repairability and a host of other criteria, but new versus old, issue per mile, there is no doubt at all the modern bikes are more reliable by far.

Go ahead and argue it if you like by tossing out what you can and can't repair on the side of the road, BMW V. Japanese or any other criteria, but as the title says, "new versus old", new technology wins every time.
Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
Newer bikes may last for more miles, but you had better put those miles on in a hurry. New technology does not hold up over time, and it is not designed to be kept going over a long period of time. Old bikes can be kept going virtually forever, depending on whether parts are available, but newer bikes become too expensive to be worth fixing in a fairly short time. A carb will last a lifetime. A FI ECU, which costs more than a new carb, has a fairly short lifetime when measured in years, and will probably no longer be available if you need a new one 20 years from now. New bikes are designed to be disposable and recycleable. Rather than fix them after a certain point, you are just supposed to replace them. Honda has started setting the lifespan of their new bikes at 10 years, after that they will no longer work on them or sell you parts for them. There is a definite growing trend in this direction.
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