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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
what's missing in above assessment is COST ... let's assume you are correct in reliability per miles delivered for FI vs carb bikes. for most folks who are not technically astute as your self costs becomes a real factor in keeping that newer BMW running.

for instance if someone has ABS issues ... costs to fix at dealer could exceed value of BMW motorcycle. if it happened to me fix would be low cost as I'd dive into circuit board and come up with a fix. other option is to send to a ABS board specialist for repair at low costs.

same thing that's happened to brand new cars has happened to motorcycles. going to electric driven sensors requiring special code readers to diagnose. even someone technically astute has no choice but to visit dealership. unless someone is willing to make the investment for BMW specific electronic tools.

above translates into higher costs of ownership for most folks. look at what's happened with all the final drive failures on R1200...
Who said anything about cost? I purposely tried to make it ONE metric! I am not missing anything.

If you want the whole range of issues I already said the cheapest bike that fits your bill will likely be the most cost efficient, and might be reliable enough to fit you needs.

You can argue all kinds of things here. But take the cheapest dual sport available, or better yet, take a first year KLR and compare it to this year's KLR and this year's KLR will be more reliable mile for mile!
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