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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
Who said anything about cost? I purposely tried to make it ONE metric! I am not missing anything.

If you want the whole range of issues I already said the cheapest bike that fits your bill will likely be the most cost efficient, and might be reliable enough to fit you needs.

You can argue all kinds of things here. But take the cheapest dual sport available, or better yet, take a first year KLR and compare it to this year's KLR and this year's KLR will be more reliable mile for mile!
using your logic .. who said anything about finding the cheapest bike available?

come on now .. for most folks costs to keep a motorcycle running is an issue. so what's the costs for a final drive not under warranty for R1200 at the dealership? what about costs to fix ABS on same bike?

have we reached ridiculous costs to fix yet? and we've only mentioned two common issues for R1200. shall we go down the list of other common issues for R1200? so according to your logic, it doesn't count if you've gone say 40k miles on R1200 and are now being towed to a dealership .. with a probable repair bill that approaches 1/2 value of bike.
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