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Originally Posted by JohnCW View Post
And you can't say that you'll get 150K trouble free from FI, bike after bike.

My current 25 year old bike is getting a top end rebuild for strictly performance reasons, nothing to do with reliability. Only because the carbs were off I removed the float bowls to judge their condition. Wasn't even any sediment in the bottomed of the bowls to speak of. Blew that out, set the float levels, new bowls gaskets, good for another 25 years (and they didn't need to be touched).

The main point I want to contest is the notion that as a generalization 'old technology' is less reliable than 'new technology'. You can't even say old old technology was unreliable. What you could say is that British motorcycles (just an example) pre 1970's were very unreliable. This was more to do with manufacturing standards and attitude that the technology. The Japanese soon changed that from the 1970's onward. I never had a single mechanical problem with my 1972 CB750. It may have handled like a pig, had no brakes, no light to speak of, etc, but it always went, never missed a beat.
I have 350K total, all over 50K miles, on 7 bikes with FI, not one single FI issue. I have and do own carb bikes, and all of them required constant attention to the carbs to keep running at peak. Just MY experience.
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