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...Like sleeping on concrete...

Originally Posted by 10ecjed View Post
I have been meaning to ask. How are the beds in the nice hotels? $30 and up?
I have been working in Tanegashima, Japan and staying in decent hotels and in some small hotels and the beds are hard. Not to great for a side sleeper like myself.
Good question... and my answer, whether it be a $10/night place, or a $55/night place, the beds were all over the map in terms of hardness - price didn't seem to be much of a factor.

I would say though, remembering back, that most of our 'soft as concrete' beds were in the $10-$20/night range and we encountered a few of those. Most of the $30/up places were softer (for the most part), but there were still some concrete slabs thrown in there too. I like firm, but a few were literally like sleeping on a wooden platform with a layer of cardboard for softness... youch. All part of the adventure.

Beds in 'Nam were like that 'box-o-chocolates' Forest Gump talked about... you never knew what you were gonna get...
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