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Armor All is not your friend

When I was 17, those tires looked GREAT on that 72 CB360. 10 minutes later, shorts, a t-shirt, and the guard rail bouncing off my helmet wasn't so great. Didn't break anything, but spent 3 hours in the tub with a scrub brush getting gravel out of my forearms and thighs. Before I could drink. Painful. At least Mr. Happy was unscathed.
I didn't read all 95 pages of posts, so sorry if this is a redo: your tires have only a given amount of traction 'budget' for any given situation. Use too much for turning, and you don't have enough for stopping, or vice versa.
The noob version of this might be 'Don't try to turn and stop at the same time'. Practice to determine how much turning and braking you can do.
Loads of other good stuff here. Thanks for letting me join the fun.
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