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Originally Posted by Gripsteruser View Post
I think JVB is equating a leaky carb gasket and subsequent need for rebuild with an injector or fuel pump or ECU failure.

To me the first is a degraded condition which won't prevent you from getting home and doing a very inexpensive repair while the second can shut you down cold and cost you a very large amount of money.

I prefer degradation myself :-)
Not really. ANY issue is an issue. Reliability, by the definition I am using, is any issue, whether it strands you or not. Any other definition is a matter of degrees, and therefore subjective and would make this conversation too muddy to pick one over the other.

For example, how bad is bad? I am a requirements guy. Definitions have 'by their very definition, specific meanings. Many here are trying to make equivalent definitions where it is all about what is an issue to them. Clarify it by saying that an issue is any issue that requires attention, either immediate or future (leaky carbs or intermittent O2 sensors) that may not strand you, but are degrading the optimal performance of the bike.
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