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Originally Posted by 100mpg View Post
I just saw a rukus the other day. That little bike would be perfect. fast enough to outrun the dead () and it has to get great mpgs. It could also get around any stranded car left scattered on the highway in ZA situations.
just looked up the mpgs....119!!! wow, my dream bike!
Ahhhh, My MC biased brain had not considered scooters. The ruckus is probably the perfect vehicle to escape the city. Especially, the BIG Ruckus. Big enough to carry some gear, fast enough to get past zombie hordes and small enough and with JUST enough off road capability to run the median/shoulder past all the backed up cars.

So THAT'S why all big ruckus owners want ridiculous amounts of money for those things. They are just holding off the old lady until the ZA hits when they can escape!
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