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I have 350K total, all over 50K miles, on 7 bikes with FI, not one single FI issue. I have and do own carb bikes, and all of them required constant attention to the carbs to keep running at peak. Just MY experience.
I ride a Kawasaki ZR750 with carbies, and regularly ride with a guy on a 2012 model Z750 with FI. Basically the modern equivalent of mine. Mine is supposed to produce 80 h.p. and his 106 hp. On the road there is virtually no difference in performance between our two bikes.

One hot day on a club ride in the middle of nowhere his FI bike just cut-out. The front of the ride wasn't aware of this and continued on, with those behind him stopping. After a while of scathing our heads, someone decided they should catch up with the lead group to tell them what had happened. The message that got passed on was the guy on the Kawasaki 750 has broken down. I spent months telling people it wasn't me, because everyone just assumed it must have been the 750 with the 'old technology'.

It was only after many attempts to get it started the owner said the fuel pump usually makes a noise when he turns the key on, and it wasn't. We pulled the fuses, all were ok, put them back in, and it started straight up. To this day he thinks it was a fuse problem, I think pulling the fuse reset the system.

Virtually all the bad rap for carbies belongs to the time of premix two-strokes. People left the fuel tap on, or didn't drain the carby, and the fuel evaporated of leaving an oil sludge in the carby which eventually killed it. This was easily prevented by turning of the fuel, and running the carby dry. This problem disappeared when oil injection was introduced.
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