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Originally Posted by markk53 View Post
I agree totally with your comments about the 400 - that was what made a UJM a UJM, it could be whatever you decided it would be, even if it changed overnight! Sweet...

As for your comments about the CB500 and no kick start, all I can say is you're wrong.

The 500 is quite practical. A releatively small foot print as motorcycles are, can have bags/box on it or bungee on whatever. Heck, a back pack and it's like commuting on a CB400! Jump on and ride.

As for kick start - I have 30,000 miles on a KLX650 dual sport without any need for kick starting. That IS one area where new stuff is good - electrics. The electrics, like starters and all, got more and more reliable through the 70s and to date. It got to the point where having a kick starter made about as much sense on the bikes as having a hand crank on a car.

I'd like to see you bump start a modern FI bike (without much of a hill around) that has a completely dead battery.
F.W.I.W. I've had the batteyr on a 98 Dodge Dakota 5 speed and my TU250X go completely dead...and even with a good hill, neither (with no juice to let their brains think) would bump start.
I.M.H.O. a Kick-start with an electrical discharge DEFINITELY has it's place on a modern FI bike.

And I also don't equate a backpack to practical commuting.
I brought home a 20 lb turkey, gallon of milk, bread, and a few other forgotten items on my way home from work with the saddlebags on my TU...something no backpack could handle...and that was in a pouring rain with a large shield keeping me mostly dry for the trip home and to the grocery store.
Like I said, it's a matter of perspective. I'm not saying your wrong (and
I don't understand how you feel you can tell me I'm wrong, when the bike YOU describe, doesn't fit MY needs at all)

I know you can buy all sorts of stuff for the new CB series but, like I mentioned earlier, look at the prices for that stuff! You can't morph any of the CB series for cheap, like I could my TU250X. (I actually like the new CB500X and would consider buying it IF I had the finances for the extra large shield, bags/mounts and rack)

Before this site made it hard for me to post pics, I did post some of my TU on the TU250X thread...look there and you can see what I'm talking about. No fancy hardware was needed for my shield or bags.
I'm holding out for a DR650 powered larger version of it. (unless I want to buy my 4th DR650)

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