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Originally Posted by Bloodweiser View Post
I could probably break down and rebuild my 2012
with only tools from the local hardware store too.

Not to bash you personally Skyshadow,
I just hear sentiments like yours quite frequently.

Personally I'm quite fond of low tech myself.
Hence the harley.

The black box that burnt out. What at the local hardware store will fix that? Seems Harley has that stuff too. And what about all those special tools that Harleys need. I remember there was one that was a C shaped box end that was needed to remove some cylinder nuts or somthing like that. Just sayin' that Hardware store thing is quite a misconception about Harleys as much as the misconception that metric bikes are more reliable than a Harley. Just ain't true. Oh, I bought most all of the tools I have for my metrics at Sears and places like that - you know... hardware stores. And good ones even carry metric fasteners that fit too.

To me that is the only "new tech" issue - electronics issues. As long as the electronics can be dealt with, all is good. One example of a serious issue would be the electronic ignitions on the old Laverdas (new ain't all that recent). The ignition cannot be replaced. It would take serious work to fix that issue with something from another source since the stator is unavailable now.

It's all about reliability and what can be fixed.

Fact is the only negative to old bikes has more to do with performance. Bigger fork legs with better damping. Real shocks that work - not counting some cruisers. Frames built for stiffness instead of to look like Norton Featherbeds. Machining tolerances for frames that tightened up handling - old Kaw Z1 had the flex flyer reputation because of sloppy frame fits and poor bracing. Plus the old bikes were truly UJM. They weren't tourers nor were they sport bikes. They were general use motorcycles. They did general use as good as anything going now. When new, much like what is new now, they started up, went in gear and rolled down the road just fine. Do I want one? Do I want a Honda CB750? Not really... well, maybe a sand cast. But I didn't really want one then. I would take a 1986 CB700SC Nighthawk S in pristine condition though. That is one bike that I do think is easily on par with what is currently comparable today.
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