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I did not even realize fully the freedom I had while cruising around on my bike. Well I guess I did, but maybe it was not appreciated to the fullest joy. What I am trying to say is it became the norm, my dream had become a reality and in doing so, the romance of the road was replaced with a feeling of normality and dare I say it, even routine. We all know that not a single moment of this wonderful ride we call life should be taken for granted, but somehow, for most of us, that is exactly what it becomes. Our loved ones become familiar and we forget to tell them how much they mean to us, a hot shower becomes just that. A hot shower. Nothing more, nothing less. But lets be honest, if only for a moment. A hot shower is fucking amazing! Flicking the bathroom light switch, to somehow, as if magically light the room, is so far beyond my realm of understanding that I just take it as common place. Yet if such a thing happened a mere 200 odd years ago you would have been burned to death for sorcey.. Which I guess would light the room anyhow. But would be a huge bummer.
Can't tell you how much this sentiment resonates with me right now. Hope for a speedy return to your bike and the journey! I can't motosurf the whole world by myself man!
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