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Originally Posted by Drstimpy View Post
No offense but I can't disagree more!
You will hit something you don't want to hit and I will have stopped just in time in same situation.

60 mph is 88 fps so even if you are superman with a 500 ms reaction time to lever, you go 44 extra feet!

Some must watch while others must sleep
I'm sorry, in fifty years of riding it hasn't happened yet.

I'm pretty sure it's not going to start happening now.

Yanno, going into an area of dense idiots doing god knows what in their cars, I might be ready on the brake. When everyone on the highway changes lanes at once, maybe. Zipping into a parking lot, sure. Going down some road with deer all around, probably. Going down a steep rocky incline on a dirt bike I might keep a finger on the brake since I'm using it more often than not anyway. Depends on the situation.

Just riding along, with nothing in particular going on, nope. My finger will be on the bars, maybe in my lap staying warm, maybe scratching my nuts. Maybe reaching for a drink, maybe taking a picture. I'm just not that paranoid.
If I was that scared of it I wouldn't ride at all.
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