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both riders here need to learn cornering. First rider has apexed way too early, probably because he stuffed up the first corner by apexing too early and running wide, looks like he dug the pannier into the dirt, the second rider is perfectly placed to go the same way. First rider should have been closer to the centreline which he would have been had he started. the previous corner closer to the edge of the road. Bad positioning I think.
All styles of bikes behave differently so there can be no hard and fast rules other than countersteer to initiate the turn, after that it depends on the type of bike the weight of the rider, the speed, the tyres, the suspension, the handlebar position, lots of variables. I've ridden hundreds of different bikes and they all require fine tuning of techniques. One thing I would not do and that is weight the inside peg, you don't want to run out of ground clearance, countersteering and body positioning together with weighting the outside peg allows me to fine tune the input required.
So I would say
1 Corner positioning, in wide out tight
2 Slow in fast out
3 Countersteering
4 Body positioning
5 Steady throttle to the apex
6 Power on when you can see the exit be it before the apex or after
7 use the bars to adjust the lean and to straighten the bike back up
8 Look through the corner to the spot where you want the bike to go, sometimes a long way ahead
9 Use the rear brake to settle the bike in the corner
10 Be smooth
Or you could just ride.
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