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Originally Posted by Wraith Rider View Post
In fact there are many guys talking like you. While the "I'd get locked up" thing is an argument, I always wonder why it might be fun to turn the throttle and... nothing happens.
I hit peak power in every gear as well, ok, I don't always use the highest two or three gears, but why should one have to? Braking late and hard can be done with every bike, in fact with the faster ones even more and full throttle out of every turn is possible as well, just a bit later when the bike's a bit straighter. In addition, the big bike - at least in my case - is more comfortable.
Only the wheely thing - in my experience it's easier to wheely the smaller bikes.

So for the fun of it, not for the legality of it, I don't understand why it should be better to do all of this with a small bike instead of a big one.

First off something does happen. It accelerates. It's about the fun of rowing the gear box. I find that really fun to work a gear box and engine to keep the bike cooking. I liked my 125 mx bike in the 70s for that very reason. It was just plain fun to have to work to keep the bike on pipe and flying. When you do it past some guy lugging around on an open classer it is really fun.

I don't enjoy or want some bike I can only run through two or three gears before being in "go directly to jail, do not pass go" speeds. When I did a couple gears on a ZX6 years back, hitting three gears, shutting down in third, looked down and saw 80 mph I knew this wasn't for me. I much more enjoy slamming three or four gears on a 550 and being around 65. It's the feel, not the speed.

Off road it is also the feel. The feel of being able to hold up the motorcycle when stopped on a crappy trail. Then there is the ease of maneuvering the bike through tight trails, which are prevalent in the east here. Many trails are max 3rd gear here on a 250.

This really does relate to legality and also to dual sporting more than just size. It would be great to get to ride a streetbike as designed, but that just isn't legal on public roads. And if I have to lift my bike out of a mud hole or horse it around when I don't make it up a hill, I'll take a 250 over a 650 and either over a big twin adventure bike.

Just noticed you're in Germany - you have places where you can actually wring it out. Best we have within the limits are the 75 mph freeways. But I will also include the fact that the eastern part of the U.S. in the Appalachian mountain range there are so many tight winding fabulous roads that tie big power sport bikes in knots where the mid size are more fun and a supermoto type should be illegal they are so much fun. That is where I ride. Agility, good braking, high corner speed, and good shifting reward more than sheer horsepower. That's also true on the off roading here too.
Ever get lost? You know, that good kind of lost - come to a dirt road intersection and you have no idea where you are or which way to turn? I like when that happens!

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