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That's the reason I sold my ZRX1100 but kept my DR350, mainly. The ZRX was a pretty good bike, and yeah, it was fun to go warp speed on it every now and then, but it wasn't nearly as much fun as the 30-ish horsepower DR. Plus, what fun is it really to be doing 150mph on a bike? There are few public roads where you can be going that fast in a curve, and going fast in a straight line just isn't much fun for me. Yeah, it's a thrill because the slightest mechanical failure, or road debris, or some unexpected animal running across the road, or any number of things going wrong will cause almost certain death, but I don't get off on risking death just for the sake of risking death...

Honestly, I don't think the ZRX was significantly better in corners than the DR, at least not on tight, twisty roads. High speed sweepers, sure, but that's just one step up from a straight road in my book. Give me low speed, technical roads any day of the week. I find them way more challenging and fun, and 200hp isn't going to do you the slightest bit of good on roads like that anyway.
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