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Originally Posted by tkent02 View Post
Meh, Seems silly to me. Never had trouble modulating a throttle, never had trouble getting the brake on. I have had handlebars ripped out of my hands.

Some folks will complicate the Hell out of everything and tell everyone else that's the correct way to do it.

Not so much the correct way, but rather a good practice in general to be prepared if riding briskly (aka fast). Shortens reaction time and allows some fine braking as needed quickly.

Obviously not for you and that is fine.

Personally it is two fingers on the brakes when applying the brakes so I don't get the bars ripped out of my hands. I still have a grip on the bar. Learned that in trials and then in harescrambling. Develop sufficient strength to use two fingers or occasionally three. Works for me pretty much everywhere. So that's what works for me as learned without any internet input in 1971.
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