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Originally Posted by CaliKarl View Post
I've been told to keep one finger on the front brake at all times while riding off pavement. Well, easier said than done. My hands just cannot make that happen. I'll look into getting different levers and/or bars, but is it sufficient to keep that finger close and ready instead of resting on the lever? Thanks for your input.

I take it you actually have ridden. Can you think for your self? If so, do so.

No you cannot easily keep your brake lever covered all the time.

No, God will not send a lightning bolt down to kill you... or even knock you off your bike.

But yes, I am poking fun at you.

Do what works. I don't have fingers on the brake when going up a hill off road, but I am ready if I don't make it. I do have my fingers on the brake lever when going down hill so as to be ready to brake, same with faster trail riding. If you have it covered you are more likely to be ready to apply the brakes in an even fashion so as to not fall on your ass. If you have to suddenly move to grip the brake when not having it covered it is likely you might tend to grab it.

Fact is my levers are set for seated riding and mildly crouched weight back riding as might be done when maneuvering a trail at a rapid pace or going down hill. Plus I have smaller hands With them there I cannot easily use the brake when bolt upright or leaning forward going up hill. I don't need them going up hill and I seldom am standing bolt upright.

In addition, off roading with most all bikes now, two finger braking is totally sufficient. No need for three or four. Thus the reason all serious off roaders have two finger levers.

Do what you find works. You will also find you will change what you do as you ride more and also if you change bikes. It is all a process of continuous improvement. No one can really tell you what is right for you. You try it and see if it works. If not, change it up or don't do it.

It's kind of like the "always stand up when off roading" thing. What BS that is. Do what works! I do stand when I've found it necessary and I also know what is necessary for me may not be for everyone.
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