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Originally Posted by markk53 View Post
Wow - it appears when you're riding you're just diddling around.

Not so much for me. The road is the fun and I usually try to find something entertaining to ride. no time to diddle around, the next corner is here or the road is a bit rough. I stop if I feel like taking the time to scratch my nuts... although I will stand up to fart.

Oh, also no cup holders on my dual sport either. If I need to do that stuff I shouldn't be riding. That's why they put cup holders and blue tooth in cars - for people who'd rather screw around than actually drive. Then people think they need it stuck on their bikes because they need distraction. Next you'll be telling us having fingers on the brakes interferes with your texting...
Cup holders? Yeah right. What do I look like, a Gold Wanger?
Straight roads I'm not going to go balls out all the way, it's just not that much fun. Plenty of time to scratch one's balls.

Corners are fun, unfortunately some roads are straight.

In a set of corners, you know exactly when you will be putting on the brakes, it's not going to be a surprise unless you totally screw up your line. Again, your finger can move to the lever quicker than your brain can decide to brake or not.
If always keeping a finger on the brake were a good idea, wouldn't you think racers would all do it? Watch the road racers, motocrossers, any of the others you don't see it.

Trials riders do, but they are using both the brake and the clutch constantly.
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